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HyperOs Newsletter

News 2014 July 27

Dear Hyperlebrities,

We have launched a new product. HyperOs Neverlost. No, it is not the software equivalent of the German national football team. Neither is it a new SatNav system. It is one little exe, which sits in the system tray and backs up everything you do, the minute you do it. It uses very little of your processing power or IO capability because it performs an incremental or differential backup, just storing the changes you have made since the last backup - not backing up the whole file again. It actually does this in 4MB chunks.

It is a lot simpler than HyperOs in concept and in functionality. Yet it compliments HyperOs Geek and SuperGeek. For Geek and SuperGeek manage Windows Systems to protect you from their inevitable failure, whereas Neverlost manages your work, your data, to protect it from Hard Disk or Solid State Disk or even HyperDrive failure.

You can back up to a folder on any device you like so long as that folder is accesible to Windows. So a USB stick, a second HDD, a second SSD, a network PC, a Networked Attached Storage device, a big data dump, an external HDD (SATA, USB or Firewire), a Google drive, your personal cloud storage system, or any other cloud storage system etc., etc.

The purpose of a computer is to preserve information so as to process it and present it to the user. This purpose is defeated if your data is lost. How many of us have lost critical data from a Windows PC? Well with HyperOs Neverlost your data will be never-lost again! (So long as you have the app running).

The web download price is £39/$59. But we are giving a discount to all our past HyperOs Customers however old you or your custom may be. So its £29 or $45 to all hyperati.

For more info please visit https://www.hyperossystems.co.uk

Or to buy without any more info please visit...


All the Best

Gordon Ritchie

Tradiditonal Rant...

So many issues to address. It is a very exciting time to be living. My 20 year old complaint about he NHS appears to finally have been listened to by the government due to this hospital Hitchingbrooke in Cambridge. It was losing 10 million and year and providing the worst health care in the county when run by an NHS trust consiting of people who were never trained either as doctors or nurses. Then some bright spark came up with the idea of running it 'like John Lewis'. By this is meant letting the doctors and nurses run the place and even giving them a stake in its ownership. Now it is making a profit and apparently providing some of the best healthcare in the county.

Now I have been saying it. Haven't I been saying it? You know I've been saying it! Hospitals should be run by the doctors and nurses. Schools should be run by the teachers. Police forces should be run by policemen, Armies by soldiers, families by parents - you get the principle. It is fairly obvious without reference to John Lewis department stores. I do not know what it is with the Tories. First of all Margaret Thatcher asked Lord Sainsbury to reorganize the NHS and he destroyed it. Then David Cameron decides that the NHS should not be a branch of Sainsbury's it should be more like John Lewis. I suppose we should be grateful that he did not decide to turn it into Kwik Save or Pound Land!

Now there is nothing else for it. I have to attempt the impossible. I must boldly go where no commercial businessman ever goes. Mind you HyperOs has never really been a particularly commercial business.

All Windows computer viruses are designed by people who understand some part of the Windows operating system as well or perhaps better than Microsoft (which surprisingly enough is not that hard - because the people who wrote Windows came from IBM and are now all retired millionaries or billionaires probably)

And likewise all human viruses were designed by fallen angels who understood some part of the human physiology as well as the angels of the holy spirit who designed us on their Genesis computers.

There. I have said it. We have recently discovered that bacteria organise themselves into cities and build walls to protect themselves from anti-biotics. We have recently discovered that cancer cells release P110d which is an enzyme which turns off our immune system. So a new class of cancer drugs is being developed which stops them doing that and hey presto the cancer gets cured by our immune system. Even the dumb single celled yeast/fungus organism can become resistant to antifungal drugs within a week. Yes one week. This is why Thrush tablets have the whole course in one tablet. It is to deny the fungus the chance to develop resistance. So really does a comsic ray hit the DNA of the Thrush yeast and give it immunity from fluconazole within a few days in a significant number of patients, or did that yeast have the genetic flexibility built into it by its angelic designers to defend itself against future attack?

Here is the question: How does it come about the yeast and bacteria and cancer have a better knowlegde of human physiology and biochemistry than current medical science? And indeed how can they have inbuilt defences against attacks that have only come about in the last century and in the case of Fluconazole in the last 20 years?

Answer: They were designed by angels that had a better understanding of how we are built that we yet have. They hacked us.

No one would have understood this 25 years ago because there were no computer viruses. But the morphology of the computer virus is the morphology of the human virus and the origin of the one tells us everything about the origin of the other. I would suggest.

When modern man creates a new biotechnology yeast organism which turns seaweed into petrol, he uses the DNA toolkit we now have. Toolkits are used by intelligent beings not by random chance. His is using the angelic toolkit that made the yeast in the first place.

I had better stop now. Thanks for listening.

News 2014 February 27

Hy Persons,

Thanks for your custom over the years. HyperOS 2014 Build 12 is here to help you to continue to have more than one copy of Windows at your fingertips.

Succinctly put, HyperOs gives you several real base copies of Win2000 to Win8.1 which can only be run sequentially. Whereas VMware gives you several virtual copies of Win2000 - Win8.1 which can be run simultaneously but all on top of one base Windows system.

So there is still a single point of failure with VMware virtual PC. As one customer from Canada pointed out, the ideal scenario would be to have HyperOs for base OS redundancy and Wmware for running several virtual copies of Windows at the same time.

But the best use of HyperOs in my opinion is to create one specialist system for your music studio or your graphics studio or whatever your mission critical task is, and then have a second general Windows system for everything else. So the general system can get full up of trial garbage without compromising your mission critical system. It is this split into general and critical which is where HyperOs scores big time. Also having a backup of you entire system which can be restored with a double click is very useful.

Here are the new capabilities of HyperOs 2014 Build 12

1. It is Win8 and Win8.1 32bit and 64bit compatible.
2. We have written our own backup and restore routine to replace WinRAR although it will still restore old WinRAR backups.
3. We have implemented relative symbolic link technology to avoid junction point rereferencing trouble with Vista and above.
4. We have sped up the launch of the My Other Computers window.
5. We have redesigned the backups window to enable you to store your backups wherever you like.
6. We have fixed a GPT partition bug and a small file names ordering problem.

So to run several copies of everything from 2000 to Win8.1 and clone, live clone, backup live backup, restore either to a partition or to a folder this would be the only software.

Gordon's Rant

I am more passionate about crap government than I am about crap operating systems! I suppose that government is a kind of operating system.

Really I would like to talk about brainwashing.

In the 60s and in the 70s it was fine to sleep with a 14/15 year old girl (who was fully sexually mature). It was cool. Now it is the most disgusting thing imaginable and many celebrities are being prosecuted for having done it. But I know and know of girls who are now in their 50s who went to top of the pops at the BBC aged 14 and lied about their age as did everyone else (the minimum age for entry being 18), and 'whose friends' seduced various celebrities because that is what they wanted to do. They thought that was cool.

In fact Juliet in the famous play was 14 years old when Romeo fell in love with her. 14 of my teeth said her maid in Act1 Scene3. So Romeo and Juliet is a play about Paedophilia and should therefore be banned right? But wait a minute - it is the finest piece of English literature we ever produced.

Now in Mexico the age of consent is 12, in Germany and Austria and the Vatican it is 14, in France it is 15, in the UK it is 16, in Saudia Arabia it is 21 and in Iran it is never. So what is illegal and revolting to the English is perfectly acceptible to the French. No suprises there! But here is the question I would like to ask.

Q: What sort of pervert seeks to police the sexual activities of other peoples children?
A: A very sick pervert - our government.

Children are the responsibility of parents not of the government, which is the worst possible parent as their social services continue to demonstrate. There are some girls who aged 12 look and dress like they belong on page 3 and if you slept with them - they would be teaching you a few tricks rather than the other way around. Then there are other girls who are 18 are not ready for any passionate encounters.

Where are the human rights of these girls or the boys who fancied and loved each other? And where are the rights of their parents? What is happening here is that the government is usurping the power of the parents in almost every possible regard - discipline, sex, schooling etc., and then they wonder why families are falling apart. Well they are falling apart because the parents have been made obsolete by mother-in-law legislation from a government that believes it owns your children. It is the same with Social Services. They can perform a useful role in society if they recognise that children are owned not by the government or the family courts or them, but by the parents. However when they kidnap children without the consent of their parents - however badly the parents may have behaved - they destroy the family unit - and that destroys not only children but actually the whole of society.

Speak to a hundred 50 year old women today who were 14 and 15 in the 70s and ask them how old they were when they were first fondled sexually by a male. I do not know the precise figure but I would think that around 50% of them were under 16 and the boy who fondled them would normally be one or two years older because girls mature slightly faster than boys. I am not sure that we ever catch up with them sociologically speaking! So why have all of these women not reported their first love to the police so that the sick pervert can be locked up for sexually assaulting a minor and put upon the paedophile register and have his life ruined? This is the modern day Witch hunt, fueled by an insatiable desire of the public for salacious news. Actually possibly the girl should also be put on the register if she reciprocated and the boy was the same age as her.

Then there was this wonderful conversation at my Mother's 80th birthday party between one guest and another about how moral it would be if he paid more tax unlike Jimmy Carr. Whereas God set the tax rate at 10% in the law of Moses and that worked for several thousand years. But today people are made to feel and actually do feel guilty about paying 98% tax in total rather than 99% tax in total. Whereas the guilt belongs to the government who are overcharging them by a factor of 9, when compared to the standard set 3500 years ago, and supplying very little service of any value in return.

So people's beliefs and morality are being prescribed by the government and the media - not by their own education and judgement.

This is how it works. You set up a very high status outfit - the Government - the United Nations - the BBC - the Ministry of Defence, MI5, the Bank of England etc., etc. Then you feed a deception which suits your purpose through the media from one of these high status outifts. And nearly everyone believes the deception because it has come from a high status outfit and it is all over the media. This is how Hitler did it and this is how it is done today.

It matters not whether the deception is about who is or who is not a paedophile, or about the war in Iraq, or about what control the public have over their security services, or about who really was behind 911, or what is a fair rate of tax, or whether parking fines exist to raise revenue for corrupt parasitic councils or to help relieve congestion for the benefit of motorists.

The problem is that the acceptance of a concept by the public is today independent of the absolute validity or veracity of that concept and instead it is completely determined by the amount of media coverage given to it and by the status of the source propounding it.

A brainwasher hooks you with a central deception and then exploits you for his benefit using your belief in that deception. The methodology is very similar to the way a virus attacks a computer. It finds a weak point by posing as something it is not and then once inside, it exploits your PC for its advantage.

So what society desperately needs is not AVG or Kaspersky antivirus protecting computers from the internet. It needs some method of preventing humans from being brainwashed by high status state sponsored or indeed state sponsoring/lobbying outfits through the media.

We need an anti brainwashing app. for the TV. Mine is not to have one. I use the iplayer and blinkbox and read the bible if I want to understand mankind. I just cannot stand being told: Here is the News. It is not 'The News'. It is what the intelligence services have told the media to brainwash people with. That is why every TV news broadcast has the same 6/7 points and normally they are presented in the same order. Yet the BBC boasts about having 150 correspondents in countries all over the world. Why then is their news precisely the same as the ITV? The real news is on some obscure site on the internet which the intellegence services are desperate to gain control over since they have the rest of the media sown up nicely. Its like Colby said (the chief of the CIA at the time of Watergate): "The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media". Now there are many sites with high Google rankings attempting to debunk that quote. But either Woodward or Bernstein (of Watergate) gave a speech not long after Colby supposedly said that, accepting the quote as being true. And Colby thought that the Whitehouse was going to close down the CIA who were plainly at fault in Watergate.

But it is absolutely obvious that Colby was telling the truth because Watergate was successfully covered up with the exception of Woodward and Bernstein neither of whom were thought to be people of any significance in the media at the time. And what lessons do you think the Intelligence Services will have learned from Watergate? Do you think they learned - Oh what bad boys we have been? We had better stop spying on people and trying to control the media? Or was it shit, those bastards at the Washington Post. I want every singe journalist of any significance in any major media outlet owned outright within the next 6 months - now go to work. The next time we do this no one is gonna stop us!

Today we have Assange and Snowden who are demonized and falsely criminalized but actually have done more good even than Woodward and Bernstein who are feted for exposing Watergate. These people are the real news. They are THE NEWS.

A friend of mine said: Nixon was impeached for spying on one hotel room in one election campaign. Obama is spying on every hotel room and every living room and every mobile phone and webcam all the time: Why has he not been impeached?

End of Rant.

News 2010 November 8

Fellow Hyperians,

It has been a long time a coming but we finally worked out something really useful to do to HyperOs 2009TE!

We added all the removable drives to the My Other Computers Window. So now you can drag and drop systems or document drives onto your USB stick or your external USB drive. It is quite a large and useful increase in functionality. We have essentially brought USB sticks and drives into HyperOs. HyperOs does not enable you to actually run Windows from a USB stick or an external drive because we cannot cater for the capability of your BIOS. However you can backup and restore to removeable and external drives now just as you can with internal drive partitions.

The new HyperOs 2010Geek and 2010SuperGeek are available from the purchase page.

HyperOs NewsLetter

I made a really nice mini ITX PC recently with a Jetway JNC62K Mobo. Not a Micro ATX PC, which has a 24.4cm x 20.8 cm Mobo but a Mini ITX PC which has a 17cm x 17cm Mobo. It fits in a lovely Morex T3500 case which is 9 x 7 x 3 inches and has a GeForce 8200 chipset, AMD athlon II cpu and the latest OCZ Vertex SSD. It is the fastest thing I have ever built and the smallest and the most efficient using around 100 Watts. However Intel does not like nVidia which produces the best SATA controllers in the world by miles and so they stopped making the chipset which supported GeForce 8200 etc. So now we have to buy their inferior garbage, the NM10 or something. Normal Microsoft-Intel anti competitive behaviour. Do not be fooled into believing that smaller = slower. It most certainly does not.

The best OCZ Vertex SSDs are now as fast as a HyperDrive5. They have finally caught us up after giving us a 6 year Window during which we were the fastest consumer Hard Drive in the world. The HyperDrive5 is still more reliable for heavy useage since it effectively uses lifetime gurantee DDR2 rather than NAND flash which has improved a lot in reliability and improved absurdly in performance and capacity but still is not as resilient as main memory. So if you want consumer performance you are now better off with an OCZ vertex II or 2E. But if you need resilience or if you need volatility then you still need the HyperDrive5. It is of course crazy that NAND flash is faster than DDR2, but that is the economics of scale for you. There is no demand for 8GB DDR2 sticks because Windows does not improve noticeably when it has more than 4GB x 4 = 16GB of main motherboard RAM. But several applications, especially frontpage, run way faster in RAM or on a HyperDrive5 or an OCZ Vertex II. So spend the money on the SSD not on more motherboard DDR.

Politics (if you are interested)

There was a time when we could all ignore politics and just let our democratic representatives play their power games with each other whilst we all worked hard running our businesses (in the private sector). Those days have gone regretably. Our economies are dying due to their incompetence and one has to consider the macro economy and its effect on our businesses and our customers. Incidentally, on the theme of incompetence, my apologies for being a bit slow in responding to technical queries this last year. I am running a 4* hotel and an international church as well as HyperOs!

So here is the thing that upsets me enormously. When Jon Terry shafted his team mate's wife everyone said he can no longer be the England captain. But when Ed Miliband shafts his brother David, he becomes the leader of the Labour party. I mean if my brother had a £100 million deal lined up or had worked his way to be the number 1 candidate to be the secretary general of the United Nations or something, I would not see that as an opportunity to steal his deal and turn all his hard work to my personal advantage at his expense. No brother with any sense of family values or morality would steal from his own flesh and blood. Yet this is what Ed did and he now has 40% of the vote in the opinion polls. What will his election slogan be do you think?

Vote for me, I shafted my brother and I swear on my brother's career that I will not do to you what I did to him?

I am not attacking Ed here. There are plenty more of his type ready to take his place. I am attacking all the members of the Labour Party which has become a demonstrably immoral outfit - a morality free zone. They calculate cynically that no one will really care that Ed shafted his elder brother David and tragically the opinion polls seem to support that view. Jon Terry did not ruin his team mate's career. Ed Miliband did.

For me, it all boils down to a conversation I had with a young 21 year old girl who works with me. She asked the question: What does it mean to be English? What is our culture? I thought it was sad that she had to ask such a question. Then I realised that I did not really know what English culture was either! What I do know is that multiculturalism has failed us, as Angel Merkel recently said. It is a euphemism for aculturalism. A nation without a culture is a person without a personality. And the UK has become such a thing as have many other European countries. So I asked my Mum, since she is old enough to know what it used to mean to be 'British'! Her instant response was that being British meant doing your duty and having a sense of service to others. I thought it meant being professional and non corrupt (which is not dissimilar).

Then I realised that if the bankers had done their duty to their banks rather than to their own pockets, we would not be in this recession. I realised that if politicians and councillors and civil servants did their duty rather than spending all day thinking up more and more ways to make money in unfair competition with the private sector, we would not be in the mess we are in. In fact I realised that whatever it was that being British used to mean, would have prevented most of the disasters that we now face.

My Grandfather was the mayor of Birkenhead (across the Mersey from Liverpool). He did that job for free, whilst running his private sector business, as a way of giving something back to a community that he had made a lot of money from. Today public sector employees make more money and have better pensions than those they are supposed to be serving. They are servants who are paid better than their masters! This is how far we have come in 2 generations.

Furthermore we no longer really serve each other. I mean I am just as bad as anyone else in this regard. I do not man my telephone much (although I do answer emails) and my products are online self service. Supermarkets are becoming self service. The entire web is self service. No one is serving anyone anymore. So we have lost both our sense of duty and our sense of service. We just want to have a big website that generates loads of cash without having to speak to anyone or serve them. Ideally a large website full of user generated content like facebook or twitter or ebay. That is the big US money spinning game right now.

This is all occuring because people are chasing money rather than principle. What we fail to understand is that money is the fruit and society is the tree. If you damage the tree too much, it will stop producing any fruit.


How can I not comment on this phenomenon? Surely he represents the zenith of democracy? A man who has all the words but none of the answers. The campaign of yes we can, became the presidency of no we can't fix the economy, no we cant stop banks evicting 120,000 families from their homes each month! no we can't fix a leak in the Gulf of Mexico, only a British company BP can do that. I mean what kind of a moron would believe that the licensor is not responsible for the 'worst ecological disaster in US history' but the licensee is? Sure BP or Haliburton or TransOcean were responsible for the leak. But the US government was responsible for the catastrophe that ensued because they licensed it! They licensed drilling that deep. In fact they suspended all other deep water drilling licenses during the crisis, which is an admission that they should not have granted them in the first place, under the conditions that they did. And BP has not had its licence revoked. So evidently they did not breach it. And there it is. The largest ecological catastrophe in the history of the US and the Obama administration did not contribute a dime to clear it up. So where are their green crudentials now? This thing should have been called Deep Watergate. And the one voice that was silent during the whole crisis was the nobel laurate for his green activities Al Gore. Surely he is Deep Throat here? Why was he silenced? We know that he was silenced, because there was some absurd investigation into the charge that he had molested some woman non consensually - just at the time that he ought to have been saying something! I do not know about you, but I never got a written authority to make sexual advances to any woman in my life. But neither did any woman ever complain to me when I made them, other than a couple who complained that I did not molest them for long enough!

As the Americans would say: He can talk the talk but he cannot walk the walk. I would have voted for him - he sure fooled me. But at the end of the day he is a community organiser. He has never run a business, and he now finds himself the President of USA inc. That is the absurd result of democracy. There are people in the US who know how to fix the economy. There is a harvard economics professor who said to Ben Bernanke: How are you going to stop this property driven recession without stopping all these foreclosures? Both Clintons recommended publicly on US TV a moratorium on foreclosures. But nope. Ben and Barack are throwing 120,000 families into the street each month and then wondering why their economy is performing so badly. They have a backlog of around 2 million unsold foreclosures. That should keep the recession going for at least another two years. Thanks guys.

Were the Luddites Right?

So how do we fix this? Is there a technological fix? Sorry, it is a moral malaise. Technology cannot fix it. There was a time in my youth when I thought that technology could fix everything. That was before Microsoft (sorry couldn't resist that one). Having grown up a bit, I realised that technology was just another powerful tool which could be used for good or bad. The trouble has been that during my lifetime our technology has advanced magnificently but our morality has retreated in an equally spectacular manner in what appears to be an inverse relationship to our technological advancement. Perhaps I can now therefore state Ritchie's second law?

Double our technology and you halve our morality!

The more technological power we get, the more morally corrupt we become. Technology is just another power, in circumstances where all power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So for those of you who, like me, believe that there is a fix for everything, if you look hard enough, what we need is some kind of moral-technology that boosts our morality to the point where we can handle our new found technological power. This is why I run a church and do not spend so much time on technology anymore. I hope to return to it some day after the moral deficit has been fixed. To a Christian, that moral technology is called Pentecost. Do we ever need another of those!

The president of Apricot Computers said a generation ago, that all computers had done for man was to enable us to write better formatted letters.

Today what they have done is that they have enabled the whole banking and investment world to become a gaint instant 24 hour casino in forex, shares, commodities, government bonds, interest rates, housing bonds and futures and options on these. This casino has bankrupted the West. For the left wingers among you - this is not a failing in capitalism. It is not a failing of the free market. Because no derivative game (futures and options) is a market. They are all corrupt casinos. I know this because I have been a wheat trader in Chicago for 8 years. These markets are not markets. They do not match supply to demand through the mechanism of price. They merely pit the rich against the richer. They are a game of electronic poker for very rich institutions. They pay little or no attention to real fundamentals. And in fact no body knows what the real fundamentals are because government figures are merely what politicians want the players to believe. They are not a true indicator of supply or of demand.

However computers have also given us the internet, which is fantastic.

So I wish you the best with your computers and pray that you find a positive use for them!

Regards and thanks for your custom

Gordon Ritchie

News 2009 March 10

Fellow System Lords,

The world is upside down. Why is it that if a man has a massive gash to his head and a tiny pin prick to his thumb, we all concentrate on fixing his thumb and pretend that nothing is wrong with his head?

It is the same in computing as it is in politics and economics and I suspect in all of our endeavours. We do not seem able properly to prioritize.

Let me give it you in computational terms first then move on to economics which could not be more relevant to all business endeavours right now and so gives me a good excuse to attempt to right the world in an IT newsletter!

Intel want you to throw away your 1.8 GHz Celeron or your Pentium4 processor or even your Dual Core with 2MB of dumb level0 cache and invest £850 in a Core I7 956XE Extreme 3.2GHz 8MB Level3 smart cache, Quad core, CPU, with enhanced speed step, HyperThreading, and hardware virtualization technology - not to mention the added liposomes and the extra absorbent wings for that all day long feeling of confidence.

AMD want you to throw away your Athlon 64 and invest £195 in an AMD PhenomII X4 940 3GHz with 6MB Level3 cache.

Memory companies want you to stop using your retarded and obsolete 800MHz PC6400 DDR2 system RAM and get with it by deploying the all new 1333MHz DDR3 which is PC10664.

In plain english they want your CPU to talk to your memory not at 6400 MB per second but at 10GB per second. And rather than processing the results of that conversation at 2GHz, they want to process them at 12GHz, by employing 4 cores each going at 3GHz. And it sounds like a great idea if you want to fix the tiny cut on your thumb even faster whilst ignoring the great big gash on your head even longer.

But what no PC magazine funded by advertising revenues from these giants will tell you is that your Hard Disk goes round and round at between 120Hz and 250Hz, not MegaHertz, but Hertz. And it talks to your CPU at a maximum rate of 80 MB per second. Not 800, not 8000, but 80 MB per second.

Furthermore, due to its having a very slow librarian who takes at least 8 milliseconds to find any file, it actually performs at between 10MB per second and 40 MB per second in real world everyday usage.

So tell me what is the point in increasing your CPU conversations with RAM from a blistering 6400 MB/s to a uberblistering 10664MB/s when it is conversing with your HDD at a stilted 10-40MB/s??

You have the equivalent of a Pink Floyd Stage amplifier running through a British Rail Platform speaker.

The one exception to the above argument is the case where you have so much system RAM that you do not need to hit the HDD very much. That can be true with MACs. But it cannot be true with Windows, since XP only works properly with 2GB of system RAM and since Vista, although it can take 4GB (Vista32) and 8GB (Vista64), does not properly support even 4GB of DDR in the system arena.

Enter the HyperDrive5 (£274 $399) and the new HyperDrive5M (£189 $269). So for £189 $269 we will deliver (7-10 days to get it from Taiwain to our distribution centres in Dusseldorf Germany and Engelwood, New Jersey, then 2 days to get it to you) you a HyperDrive containing another 6 or 8DIMM slots.

This will give you 12/24/48GB more RAM space for £189 Plus DDR (around £100 from cheap suppliers for 12GB £112.95 from us).

So for £300 $450 all in, you effectvely get another 12GB of DDR in the form of a SATA2 Hard Disk. This will speed up the conversation between your Disk and your CPU to around 160 MB per second all the time. The HD5 has a really really fast librarian which finds 800 files in the time your HDD finds one file.

So I suppose one could cynically say that the HyperDrive5 gives MAC or Linux performance to a Windows PC. In the sense that the MAC OSes or Linux OSes can take 32GB of system RAM without screwing up. But being kinder to the way more popular and much cheaper PC, the HyperDrive5 makes your PC 500% faster than it would be with a Wester Digital Raptor (the world's fastest Hard Disk) with XP and 600% faster with Vista/Windows7. The performance differential with Vista/Windows7 is greater because those OSes have 50,000 little files whereas XP only has 10,000, so librarian speed is more of a factor with the larger operating systems.

A HyperDrive5 will clone XP on FAT32 500% faster than a raptor and will clone Windows7 on NTFS 600% faster than a Raptor.

You will get the same performance advantages with Photoshop scratch disks etc.

Obviously tackling the 10-40 MB per second bottleneck of your HDD CPU converstation and raising it to 160MB per second is more important than upping the 6400 MB/s DDR CPU conversation to 10664 MB per second.

So really for £300 we can make your PC 500-600% faster. It will be more or less instant for most operations. The HyperDrive should therefore be the first performance improvement any user makes.

Hopefully that has turned the PC world the right way up again!

Now on to the world of economics...

Lets us picture our ecomony as a motor car. We are in a recession, so the car is going up a hill. It is a bad recession so the hill is very steep and actually we are starting to roll down the hill backwards. The engine of this car is the private sector. The bodywork, the comfort of the car is the public sector. So how do we get the car up the hill? Do we shed a million jobs in the private sector making the engine 10% smaller whilst giving 6% salary rises to public sector council workers and shedding none of them, making the bodywork ever more luxurious?

How will that get us up the hill? Plainly what is needed is to shed a million jobs from the public sector and redeploy those people in the private sector. We need a larger engine and less weight in our bodywork to get up the steep hill of this depression.

But of course, the world is upside down again. It does not matter how comfortable the seating in the car is when it is rolling backwards down a hill at an accelerating pace! The only thing that matters is that the engine gets more power and stops the slide.

Again it is about prioritizing. It is about ignoring the drop of blood from the cut on our thumb and focussing all our attention on stopping the river flowing from the gash on our head. It is about tackling the primary tumor before moving to the secondary one.

Then we have the banks. There is a whole newsletter in itself! They could not be more important to business, to the IT business and to all business. And I think we all realise it. They have failed us. But all our banks are sheep to their shepherds, the FSA, the Bank of England and the Treasury, in the UK, the SEC, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury dept in the US. When the sheep go astray one does not blame the sheep, one blames the shepherd. Our financial regulators have totally failed us and of course not one of them has lost his Job (other than Bush43 who had to lose it constitutionally and Hank Paulson I think - what pay off did he get for triggering the destruction of the financial system??)

Now if these regulators and central bankers are all still employed in circumstances where they have presided over the total destruction of our financial system then we see what their job description truly is. They are the referees without a whistle. True parasites. They have never done their job before and they are not doing it now and they never will do it. I mean how many Air Traffic Controllers would keep their jobs if every aircraft in their airspace crashed? Oh they are in the private sector - silly question!

Worst of all we have the politicians. They have pretty much spent every penny we and our children will ever earn in a vain attempt to save the banks from their self induced collapse hoping that these institutions, which are guilty of financial genocide, will then save the economies they have murdered by lending some of the money back to us. How daft is that? Let's give the antidote to the poisoner shall we? Banks are institutionally selfish by charter. They are not going to help us. They are going to help themselves. They are going to help themselves to all of our money. In fact that is what they have already done!

This really is the end of the line in failing to hold people to account. We have Mugabeism all over the financial system. There was and is a choice between saving economies and saving banks. The wrong choice has been made and is still being made.

The gaping wounds of falling house prices and falling corporate and comsumer credit are left untouched, whilst banks are given billions. This is another case of treating the secondary tumour whilst ignoring the primary tumour which caused the secondary tumour. How can governments possibly rely on banks to solve a crisis they themselves have created? If you want to fix these problems you do not ask the banks to fix them. You fix them yourself.

Guarantee bank deposits, stop all repossessions, support house prices, set up a new bank with a charter to do the lending that must be done and that existing banks refuse to do. Fund that bank and stop funding the failures. Fix the problem directly. Do not fix an easier problem and hope that as a result the difficult problem will fix itself! The trickle down theory of giving money to the rich and hoping that somehow it will help to poor has long ago been discredited. Giving money to the rich helps the rich. Giving money to the poor is what helps the poor.

Likewise giving/lending money to the banks will not trickle down to help homeowners or businesses. Giving/lending money to homeowners and businesses directly is what helps them.

Sorry to go on. But the same pattern is all around us. We all tackle the easy problem to get a feelgood factor in the vain hope that it will somehow solve the more difficult one, and it will not. It may satisfy our egos and enable us to pose as great problem solvers of our time (even as saviours of the world!) but it will not fix the more difficult problem. Tackle the hard problem directly and then you get somewhere.

Likewise with PC performance. Fix the main data bottleneck, the HDD bottleneck with a HyperDrive and do not worry about the secondary issue of faster processors or faster system RAM. In fact a Celeron with a HyperDrive will outperform a Quad hyperthreaded I7 with a Raptor I am sure (fun one to try).

Have a look at the all consumer £189 $269 HyperDrive5M and lets get at least one of our priorities correct!

Likewise if you want to get the best and most reliable performance from the hardware you already have, then upgrade to HyperOs 2009SE Geek or SuperGeek and spread the load between several Windows systems. Keep a functioning copy of your mission critical system ready to deploy if things go wrong. This serves as a backup of your data and of your OS and applications. And have a spare system to try out new applications within such as Sun Microsystems free Open Office - very good but not in the same system as Microsoft Office. Whatever you do get a copy of Firefox3, way better than any version of Internet Explorer, naturally virus proof and only 7MB.

All the best in the rough times ahead

Gordon Ritchie

News 2009 January 24

Fellow System Lords,

Windows7 is cute. I have to say it. The graphics department of Microsoft (which is almost indistinguishable from the graphics department of Apple) is really good. If presentation were everything, then Microsoft would have cracked it. And in this visual media driven world, presentation is almost everything. But there is more to a product than the box it comes in as the bishop said to the actress.

I mean it is nice to see Microsoft getting something right. Their bodywork is really good looking. All they need now is an engine transplant. I have suggested this to them. A total rewrite from scratch, all 64 bit, assuming the internet, including the BIOS etc, no spaghetti, no legacy. In fact they need to do with Windows what the governments will shortly have to do the banking system - start from scratch. And going deeper still we need to do to the governments and the public sector what they are going to have to do to the banks.

We did actually try at one point to write HyperOs again from scratch. But we gave up because it was too time consuming and expensive. But for Microsoft the cost would be incidental. If I had my life over I would write a small compact self learning OS that was almost like a virus and could go into any PC and write itself according to some objectives. That being what a human spirit is. A self writing operating system which sets its own objectives in the particular hardware it finds itself in - the human body - Adam series.

The good or bad news is that Windows7 is not much different from Vista it seems to us. Now that is bad news because Vista was slow and large and bureaucratic, rather like the EU which fined them for abusing their europe wide commercial monopoly and then kept the fine abusing their europe wide political monopoly. HyperOs is still waiting for its share of that fine. If any of our customers are MEPs please make your fine share cheque payable to 'HyperOs Systems Ltd'. I mean I am the one who spent a year of his life unspiking Windows ME. Has any MEP done that? (I hope not for their sake!)

But it is good news in that Windows7 really is VistaSE, so there is no great need to wait for Windows7 to prove itself, since the engine has not changed much from Vista. Apparently it is faster and it is certainly no larger than Vista. We have yet to test it on a HyperDrive and examine its perfomance. Stay tuned for those results.

Hardware is going to get more expensive due to the falling production volumes from the credit crunch, so keeping software clean and uncluttered is moreso the way to ensure good performance economically. I mean we may see a reversal in Moore's law due to the credit crunch as production volumes get less so margins need to go up, in order that people stay in business. It would be ironic if such a thing was accompanied by a reversal in Ritche's law which says that during any period in which hardware performance doubles, Windows performance halves.

So to run 2K, XP32, XP64, Vista32, Vista64, Windows7(32), windows7(64), 2003Server and 2008Server all on the same PC, get HyperOs 2009SE Geek or SuperGeek.

For the avoidance of doubt, the xPCs-in-1 range, which has not yet been updated to Windows7, will run several copies of the same OS in one partition only. Geek will run up to 10 copies of any of the above Windows versions in one partition (your first Windows partition) and one copy of any the above versions in up to 10 more partitions. SuperGeek will run any number of any or all of the above versions in any or all of the 24 partitions that the alphabet can enumerate.

There are 17 bug fixes and feature additions between HyperOs 2009 and HyperOs 2009SE. I will not bore you with the technical detail save to say that we only have one customer with an outstanding bug right now and that will be fixed in 2009SE.

We have introduced a new download mechanism. It enables you to download one copy now and another copy later on. This is a good way for you to ensure that when we fix the inevitable new bugs that will be found in the future, you can get the fixed version. It also stops people downloading the product 750x which did occur in one case. However if you actually suffer from a bug we will either fix it or upgrade you of course.

The £ upgrade price from 2009 to 2009SE Geek is £19.95 and to 2009SE SuperGeek is £24.95.
The £ upgrade price from 2008 to 2009SE Geek is £39 and to 2009SE SuperGeek is £49.
The £ outright purchase price for 2009SE Geek is £59 and for 2009SE SuperGeek is £69.

The $ upgrade price from 2009 to 2009SE Geek is $29.95 and to 2009SE SuperGeek is $37.50.
The $ upgrade price from 2008 to 2009SE Geek is $59 and to 2009SE SuperGeek is $73.50.
The $ outright purchase price for 2009SE Geek is $89 and for 2009SE SuperGeek is $104.

Buy now!

Everyone can of course buy additional SE Geek licences at the upgrade price of £19.95 and additional SE SuperGeek licences for £24.95 (since an additional licence is an upgrade actually from 2009SE - effectively).

At customer request we are going to do some recommended HyperOs and HyperDrive hardware configurations on the website shortly, stay tuned for those.

May the finance be with you!

Gordon Ritchie

News 2008 December 13

Dear Hyper Performers,

We have just started doing special offer on the combination of a HyperDrive5 and HyperOs 2009 SuperGeek, because they go so well together.

Together they give you several small lean fast Windows systems any one of which can quickly be cloned to and run on the HyperDrive5 at mainframe speeds. Without them you have one overloaded fat slow and wobbly Windows.

This is how to combine them...

Install HyperOs 2009 in your main Windows system.
Connect the HyperDrive5 to a SATA2 port.
Format it as NTFS (instantly).
Clone a Windows system to the HD5 (make sure it fits).
Double click the icon of the clone in My Other Computers.

Then the PC will reboot and fire up the clone on the HyperDrive5. Now you are running Windows entirely in RAM without any mechanical latency.

We are now offering the combination for £299 and you will need to buy 16GB of KVR800D2N6/2G or equivalent (8x 2GB DIMMS). We can do that for £149.95. Or if you scour the web for bargain RAM you can do better still. So for less than £450 you get mainframe performance, an instant desktop, instant application loading etc etc.

Buy now in the UK, before the pound collapses! Buy now in the US, before the banking system collapses the rest of the economy!

Microsoft Server 2008 can offer you HyperV, which creates a virtual hardware environment which enables one operating system to run on loads of different computers rather slowly with massive software and resource and intellectual overheads. We can offer you HyperOs and the HyperDrive5 which have an intellectual overhead manageable by QVC customers, and enable one computer to run loads of operating systems on 100% of your hardware resources, turbo charged massively by the HyperDrive5.

HyperOs by serially virtualizing software, protects against software disasters. Microsoft HyperV by real time virtualizing hardware, protects against hardware disasters. The former are way more common than the latter.

However there were 3 bugs even in the lastest versions of HyperOs 2009 that we have now fixed. Thanks to two of our customers (Dave and Stan) for working with us on these!

1. The backup locations folder (tools, options, backup locations) was referred to by drive letter which is pointless when we keep swapping them all around. So now it is referred to by partition number. In that way all your backups actually go where you choose.

2&3. There were two bugs that prevented HyperOs swapping into a cloned system within the same drive letter in certain circumstances. This meant that you kept bouncing back to the original system when trying to swap into the folder clone. These have both been fixed.

These 3 were fairly important, so we will be sending links to all customers who have purchased HyperOs 2009 Geek or SuperGeek or any of the 10PCs-in-1 range in the next couple of days. This time you do not have to contact us. We will just email you the link. If you do not get a link by the middle of next week then please let us know. So if you have not upgraded yet, this would be the time to do it!

Both HyperOs and the HyperDrive are things which have to be seen to be believed. Once you have surfed the net on a HyperDrive, you will not want to surf it using a hard disk again. Once you have run windows on a HyperDrive, you will not want to return to the treacle.

The HyperDrive5 does go a long way to nullifying Ritchie's law, which says that every 18-24 months the speed of Windows halves thereby precisely cancelling out the advantage that Moore's law had given to hardware in that period.

The HyperDrive5 is a 64GB device. So if you have deep pockets you can get 8x 4GB DDR2 sticks now from us for £640. But if not then in a few months time, when 4GB sticks become cheaper, you can upgrade. Similarly in 12 months time 8GB sticks will start to become consumer priced. So at that time you can upgrade to 64GB. Remember the only Mobo consideration is a fast SATA2 port. So if you are buying a new machine just make sure the MOBO has the latest intel ICH10 SATA2 controllers or the latest AMD SATA2 controllers.

Or keep the PC you have, add HyperOs and the HyperDrive5 and get performance better than any other PC on the market runing on any number of RAID Hard Disks.

Regards and best wishes

Gordon Ritchie

News 2008 November 23

My Fellow HyperDrivers,

10 years ago I had a dream. I had a dream that is deeply rooted in the folklore of the personal computer. I had a dream that one day my PC would be judged not on the mechanical latency of its data storage device but rather on the raw power of its processing capability. Yes indeed, I had a dream.

I had a dream that one day, from the silicon valleys of California to the silicon glens of Inverclyde, from the software houses of the West to the Hardware houses of the East, I would hear nothing at all as the humble PC began to fulfil the destiny that its founding fathers had envisioned on a Solid State Disk.

A day when every command was instantly obeyed and without enhanced interrogation techniques from a plethora of dialogue boxes. Yes a day when every PC could live out the true meaning of its ethos: To respond to a command more quickly than I was able to type the next one. To be a GigaHertz brain in an age of inspirational enlightenment, rather than a KiloHertz drain in an age of computational darkness.

Well, as one might expect with european manufacturing, and the enormous public sector overheads in the West, that dream turned into a nightmare with the HyperDrive4. A wonderful piece of technology. The fastest internal Disk ever. Way faster than any NAND flash device and over a hundred times faster than the WD Raptor. It was indeed a valiant effort by a small band of decidated Ukrainian Dutch and British engineers and financiers. But for all our technological prowess, we were never able to get it to the price where conusmer electronics takes off. And once we were able to produce it in volume reasonably cheaply, DDR1 effectively became obsolete, being replaced by DDR2, and so the price of the populated unit became prohibitive.

Then, as in all the best Spielberg movies, just when we were about to let go of that dream, just when our fingers were losing their grip on the cliff face, along came the Taiwanese!

An ASIC based DDR2 SATA2 HyperDrive at $399! The dream had become a reality. The promised land was once again in sight.

So now with East and West both on the same page, working together, we can offer you a 64GB SATA2 DDR2 HyperDrive5 for £269 or $399.

Who cares about patents? We demonstrated the concept. We sold it, admittedly mainly to governments, huge corporations, militaries and spy agencies. We proved it was the fastest possible method of Data storage. And now thanks to the vision of both East and West it can be afforded by anyone who wants to live the dream.

An instant computer for £269 (if you use a fast Linux or MacOs).
A very fast computer for £269 if you use XP
A fast computer for £269 if you use Vista

The HD5 is way too fast for Vista, and actually too fast for XP as well. But with Linux and MacOs well, who says dreams cannot come true?

So for a little more time to enjoy every day... www.hyperossystems.co.uk


Gordon Ritchie
HyperOs Systems

P.S. Don't worry, we won't make that phrase into a corporate slogan - don't you just hate them?

News 2008 November 13

Dear Hyperhumans,

We have finished the consumer proof HyperOs 10PCs-in-1. This version does not require any partitioning. It performs live clones of Windows XP or Vista or Server 2003/2008 all within the same partition and then runs the clones and switches back and forth through the My Other Computers GUI which is vastly simplifed.

For multiple windows systems on one drive letter this is the thing. It is easy for novices and has less to go wrong for experts.

We have also improved 2009Geek and 2009SuperGeek once more. There was a bug which could lead to 'unable to load user profile, default profile loaded' which gives a boring desktop. This was caused by HyperOs being unable to move one of the windows folders and failing to recognize that. We have now fixed that bug and in addition put in a rollback so that if some other windows peculiarity causes a system to be partially moved, we return it to the status quo ante rather than leaving you in limbo. There is no need to update unless you have seen this error. With Windows software the old adage "if it ain't broke don't fix it" applies.

But if any one with 2009Geek or 2009SuperGeek wants the latest version just email us with your date of purchase and we will send you the new link.


Gordon Ritchie

News 2008 October 02

Dear Hypernatives,

We have recently improved and debugged 2009 Geek and SuperGeek signficantly. The new builds are available on the old links to all who have purchased them. We increased the system drives that show up in My Other Computers in SuperGeek to 24 (about time). So we are now truly limited only by our forefathers who invented the 26 letter english alphabet. Well actually no, not by them, but by Microsoft who proved themselves incapable of transcending it.

1. We fixed a backup bug which appeared when backups were split into several parts by Winrar.
2. We now identify your boot drive by the proper method of locating the MBR rather than looking for boot files. We also code to run HyperOs from the correct MBR if there is more than one of them.
3. Fixed a BCD fail error.
4. Enabled 64 bit systems to be copied from C (that was blocked for some legacy reason)
5. Fixed Old Buzzard's problem (cannot switch to a system on a newly installed drive) - we make or if necessary remake the maintenance system from the Windows system you are in which will actually know about the new drive (rather than picking the smallest system - which we used to do before).

There are a couple of others which I cannot remember.

So all of you who held back from the first release due to your having both wisdom and patience, can now reward these unusual qualities by purchasing the new revisions! Buy now before your bank account is nationalized!




News 2008 September 11

Dear HyperGeeks!

We have finally managed to run several copies of Windows all from the same partition. So you can now put any number of copies of Windows in just one partition and run HyperOs without repartitioning your hard disk.

This is really useful if you have a few large partitions. It is also useful for newcomers who may not want to risk partitioning their disk in order to taste the delights of HyperOs. On that subject I recently got the Heur virus which causes all exe files not to open. A very funny virus! You cannot even open the AntiVirus application to get rid of it! I fixed it by swapping to another system and downloading the latest AVG update into that system and killing the virus in the infected system from the uninfected system. I couldn't do anything in the infected system of course! Viruses these days do not jump systems. They are written for PC with one copy of Windows running. So HyperOs is a very good form of security against virus attack. I could not have fixed that attack without HyperOs.

Of course we at HyperOs Systems (both of us) would not dream of scaring you into buying our product using the threat of IT warfare. But when Russia tries its next Denial of Service attack on some poor little ex Eastern block country (using its computational peacekeepers) do not let your PC be used as a Zombie to send millions of pointless requests to servers in that country. If you use HyperOs and continually swap systems, you are far less likely to be used as a Zombie. Swap systems for Georgia!

The new 2009Geek enables you to have up to 10 copies of Windows in your boot partition and up to 10 other copies of Windows one per partition in 10 other partitions.

The new 2009SuperGeek enables you to have any number of copies of Windows in all of 24 possible partitions. So you can now have a million copies Windows if your Hard disk is big enough! This really means that if everyone in the world installed HyperOs 2009SuperGeek, the number of operating system available to mankind would be almost infinite and we would create an IT boom that would get us out of the worldwide recession we are in!

Alternatively if you wouldn't mind emailing the Chancellor and asking him to set up a housing association which rents all of the repossessed houses still on the market and of all the houses that will be repossessed in the next two years (around 100,000 units in all) we could fix this thing tomorrow. It would cost the government around £1 billion per year. And if they left the defaulting mortgagors in those houses paying what they could rather than ruining their lives, it would cost us all a lot less. Then the property depression would end, the day he implemented that solution.

Because the reason that all property recessions in the UK last for 5 years is that banks repossess us into a 5 year depression. They attempt to market their repossessions at a rate which a depressed market cannot cope with and so a massive repo backlog builds up and then the recession has to continue until the repo backlog is cleared - which is 4-5 years after it starts. Remove the repos from the market and the thing would be all but over the minute that came into force. Then you release the repos in the upmarket that follows to stop the property market overheating again. Banks and defaulting mortgagors would do better as well in that circumstance.

But we all know the governments do not solve problems, that profit from them. Problems R Us is their business model.

But I digress. Back in the world of IT we all know Moore's law, which says that...

Hardware doubles in performance every 18 months.

And now in yet another worldwide exclusive, the mathematical hyperboffins at HyperOs Systems after years and years of sophisticated analytical calculations are proud to announce the sequel to Moore's law. It is called Ritchie's law. And it says that...

Windows halves in performance every 18 months.

So yes, the result is, that after a generation of spectacular hardware improvement, we are right back in the 1980s as regards real world performance. Thanks Bill! Hey Bill - How about showing some charity to the software industry which you have destroyed? Sell Microsoft to Yahoo!

Of course that Yahoo should definitely have sold out to Microsoft from a financial standpoint. No question about that. But they chose not to because they did not want Microsoft to do to the internet what they have done to the PC. Rare for a big company to take a moral position in today's world.

So if you have a rather large partition and would like to do something useful with it, get HyperOs 2009Geek or 2009SuperGeek and stick a few more Windows systems in it for a rainy day! Then the next disaster which befalls your primary Windows system will affect that system but will not affect you.

All you people who use Vista, remember that the more complicated the plumbing, the easier it is to gum up the works (Scotty - Star Trek V). You need HyperOs more than people who use XP. And if you use Vista64 then you need it all the more.

HyperOs can actually run XP and Vista32 and Vista64 from the same partition. But Microsoft will not permit you to install them all in the same partition. However you can install them in different partitions and then clone them all into one partition with HyperOs 2009 if you like.

HyperOs 2009 has no trouble with live clones (cloning the system that is running). We reboot and go into the NT system underneath Windows to clone the files we could not get whilst in windows.

We have recently fixed all our email addresses so we now have @hyperossysystems.co.uk @hyperossystems.com and @hyperos.net.

HyperOs Systems Secure Certificate recently been renewed.

Thanks for your business over the years. This time we really have reached all of our design objectives with HyperOs!


Gordon Ritchie
HyperOs Systems